Range Tipping Safety Notice

Protect Yourself (& Others) From The Dangers Of Range Tipping

Range tipping is a serious issue. While Thermador has never had a reported injury or death from a range tipping incident, over the past few decades there have been incidents of death and severe injuries caused by ranges being tipped over onto persons (most often, children). A tipped range can cause crushing injuries or death from the weight of the range, and/or cause scalding liquids and other items from atop the range to fall onto victims. While the number of reported cases is extremely small statistically compared to the millions of ranges in the field, this matter must still be taken seriously.

If you purchased your product after 1991, brackets were included, along with installation instructions and warnings on the need for brackets. Whomever originally installed your cooking range should have installed safety brackets to prevent your range from tipping over, in accordance with the product's accompanying installation instructions. Thermador has always complied with the industry standards on this matter.

Things you should do:

  • Read your Care & Use Manual, and the Installation Instructions which came with your product.
  • Check to see if your range has brackets installed or not. You can look under the range to see if brackets have affixed your range to the floor, or gently pull the back of the range to see if it moves. (If you are unsure or unable to check, get a qualified technician to investigate).
  • If you don't have brackets, note your product model number and serial number and contact Thermador at 800-735-4328; we will happily provide you with the brackets free of charge!
  • Never use an oven door as a stepping stool! Weight being placed upon open oven doors is how ranges tip over.
  • Make sure to educate children (and others in your household) on the dangers of range tipping and prohibit them from ever playing in, on or around any appliance. Appliances are heavy, powerful machines, and should children should be instructed on the hazards of misusing appliances, and of playing in, on, or around appliances.
  • Contact your original installer to install brackets if you need them (it may be the retailer you originally bought the unit from). We encourage installers to do this free of charge, in the interests of consumer safety. If you don't know who installed your appliance and/or need a referral to a qualified service technician, we will happily provide you with one.
  • See the industry's trade association web pages for further information, at www.aham.org

Thank you for carefully reading this critical information and for taking an active interest in your safety and the safety of others who may be in your home!

If you have a specific question about your product, contact us so that we can ensure you get the quality you rightfully expect from Thermador.