Gas Cooktops

Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop with downdraft

Gas Cooktops That Ignite the Imagination

The kitchen is where inspiration, creativity, and exploration abound–and with the new Thermador Gas Cooktops, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Completely redesigned and featuring exclusive Star® Burners, ExtraLow® Simmer, and leading power set within a sleek, integrated design, Thermador 30-inch and 36-inch Gas Cooktops are as stunning as they are innovative.

Gas Cooktops

Choose from 36-inch and 30-inch gas cooktops to bring your culinary creations to life.

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Ventilation Pairing

Complete your kitchen with innovative ventilation options that blend in or stand out.

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Thermador Masterpiece 36 inch Gas Cooktop with downdraft

Power Comes in All Sizes

Whether your kitchen is grand or compact, Thermador gas stovetops allow you to make the most of any space. Choose from two sizes–30 or 36 inches–to complement your kitchen. The Thermador 30-inch gas cooktop is the most powerful of its size in the luxury market, so you'll never need to sacrifice function for style.

Thermador 36 Inch Gas Cooktop with woman turning star burner on

Star® Burner

The unique star shape allows for better flame distribution and smaller intervals between levels of heat compared to round burners, resulting in a reduced cold spot and more precise control.

Feature Highlights

Discover how Thermador gas cooktops complement your cooking style.