Wine Refrigerators

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Personalize the Art of Wine Refrigeration

Exceptional stories are the ones worth sharing—and you'll find them inside every bottle of wine. Stories about a family-owned Chateau, the lush terrain of your favorite region, the winemaker who lovingly bottles every wine by hand, and of course, the new story that begins the moment you pop the cork. Thermador built-in wine coolers give you the freedom to personalize your wine collection—and the stories it tells.

Wine Refrigerators

Make every sip exceptional with wine storage refrigerators that combine innovation and elegance.

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Under Counter Wine Refrigerators

Explore under counter wine refrigerators for flawless entertaining anywhere in the home.

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Wine Takes Center Stage

For those who entertain, a proudly displayed wine collection is the star of the show. Thermador Wine Storage Columns place your prized beverage center front row and center, allowing you to preserve and age your favorite vintages in seamless style, with endless options to create an exceptional entertaining space.

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Keep a Few Tricks Under the Counter

Being the consummate host requires a deft touch, providing your guests with everything they need while ensuring you have ample space in which to prep and cook. Under counter wine refrigeration is the ultimate built-in wine cooler, giving you and your guests easy access to wine, cheese and hors d'oeuvres, while staying conveniently tucked away. Out of sight, but always top of mind.

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Discover how Thermador wine refrigeration helps you create an exceptional entertaining experience.