Home Connect™

App Function

Phone & App
Is my smartphone or tablet compatible with Home Connect? For Apple products, smartphones and tablets with iOS 11.0 or higher are compatible. For Androids, smartphones and tablets with Android 6.0 or higher are compatible. Unfortunately, Windows devices are not compatible with Home Connect.
The app shuts itself down. Close the app and restart it. If it still does not work, update or reinstall the app.
The Android push messages are not displayed at the end of a program. If you use additional programs (e.g., Battery Optimizer, System Tools, and Software Manager), they may influence the notification function. Please reinstall the Home Connect app after a system update of your smartphone / tablet.
There is no Home Connect function found on the appliance. Check whether the appliance control panel has the Home Connect function. Is the appliance connected and switched on? You can also refer to your owner's manual to learn if your appliance has the Home Connect function. If you do not have an owner's manual, you can download it here.
The appliance is no longer available in the Home Connect app. There is one Super User per appliance. This is the user who is the first to connect the appliance with their Home Connect app. If the Super User deletes an appliance from their app, it will also be deleted from the app of the other users. The standard user can only delete an appliance from his user account. You will need to connect the appliance with the app again.
The appliance cannot be controlled away from home. Check to see if the appliance is connected to the internet. If the appliance is already connected, check if the remote function is activated on the appliance and make sure the internet speed is a minimum of 2 Mbit / second.
The appliance has reset to the factory settings. Resetting an appliance removes it from the Home Connect app. Please connect the appliance with the internet router again and re-register the appliance in the app.
The appliance cannot operate because the child lock is activated. The child lock needs to be switched off in the Home Connect app or on the appliance. Please refer to your owner's manual to learn how to do this. If you do not have an owner's manual, you can download it here.

Installation & Loading

App Store & Phone Version
There is no user account with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. An account with Apple or Google is necessary to download the Home Connect app. Set up an account with Apple or Google to download the app.
Unable to download the app because the version of the Apple iOS or Android operating system is too old. Please update your smartphone / tablet's operating system.
The Home Connect app cannot be found in the App Store. Check the country settings of your smartphone / tablet before searching for the app. Depending on your country, the app may or may not be available.
Downloading the app takes a very long time or stops partway through. Due to its size, the app should only be loaded via Wi-Fi (not via mobile data).

Given the large volume of data, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to avoid additional costs.
Unable to install the Home Connect app with mobile data. Due to the size of the app, the program should be installed via Wi-Fi. Switch on the Wi-Fi and connect the smartphone / tablet with the Wi-Fi. In order to save data volume, install the app via Wi-Fi.
The Home Connect app does not load with mobile data. Due to its size, the app should only be loaded via Wi-Fi and not mobile data. Switch on the Wi-Fi and connect the smartphone / tablet with Wi-Fi.

Syncing & Connection

Wi-Fi & Router
The Wi-Fi signal is not detected by the appliance. A Wi-Fi router must be available. The router must be suitable for WPA / WPA2 encryption and must transmit at 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz. (Note: The coffee machine only supports 2.4 GHz). No restrictions should be set on the router (ports, MAC address, etc.).
The appliance cannot connect to the router. This may happen if the Wi-Fi is turned off on the appliance, if the Wi-Fi signal is weak at the appliance, or if the router is not working properly (i.e. not sending out a Wi-Fi signal). If the router is working properly, switch on the Wi-Fi on the appliance via the menu control. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, you will need to amplify the signal. You can use a Wi-Fi repeater or a powerline adapter with the Wi-Fi function to amplify the signal.
The appliance is not connecting to the router through the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) function. This happens when the WPS function on the router is disabled or if there is no WPS button on the router. Check the operating instructions of the router to find out whether WPS is supported and if so, how to activate it. If WPS is not supported by the router, use the manual connection mode in the Home Connect menu.
The appliance cannot connect with the Wi-Fi. Make sure your router is working properly and switch on the Wi-Fi on the appliance using the menu. Boost the Wi-Fi signal with a Wi-Fi repeater or use the powerline interface (dLAN) with the Wi-Fi function.
Connection & Other
The Home Connect app cannot establish a connection to the appliance. There are several solutions for this problem:

  • The router is turned off. Make sure the router is on.
  • The Wi-Fi password has been changed on the router and not on the appliance. Make sure to enter the correct password.
  • A new router has been installed. Switch on the Wi-Fi on the router and connect the appliance with the router.
A device cannot connect with the appliance even though other devices are already connected to the appliance. A maximum of 8 smartphones / tablets can be connected to the appliance via Wi-Fi in the home. Check whether 8 smartphones / tablets are already connected.
What is the MAC address of my household appliance? This information is required to clear the appliance in the firewall. Go to the settings of your appliance. Select the menu item HOME CONNECT. If you are in the Home Connect menu, you can use the APPLIANCE INFO button to display the current IP address and the MAC address of the appliance.

Login & Registration

My e-mail address and / or password was not accepted on registration. Please make sure your e-mail is in the following format: email@example.com. If the e-mail has already been registered, please use a different e-mail. If there is already a Home Connect ID with your e-mail address, check your inbox to see if you already received an activation e-mail.

The password must comply with these requirements:
  • 8 characters long
  • Have at least 1 digit, 1 letter, and 1 special character
  • First 3 characters must be different from each other
There is no e-mail confirmation received following registration. Please check all your e-mail boxes including your spam. If you still have not received anything, please register again.
The user registration in the Home Connect app is unsuccessful. Re-register and wait for an e-mail confirmation. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and confirm your login by clicking on the link in the e-mail. Make sure there is no interruption to your internet connection when you are registering.
I forgot my password for the Home Connect app. Start the Home Connect app on your device. On the login screen, press FORGOTTEN PASSWORD and enter your Home Connect ID (e-mail address). You will receive an e-mail with a new password. This password must be changed when you log in with it for the first time.