How-To-Videos - Dishwashers

Loading Your Dishwasher

Learn the proper way to load your dishes and utensils for maximum cleaning and drying.

Adjusting the Top Rack Height

Adjusting your dishwasher's rack height helps you wash large items easily without much fuss.

Installing the Large Item Spray Head

Install the tall item sprinkler on the back of your dishwasher to wash large items.

Loading Salt in Dishwasher

Help ensure an effective rinse by using softener salt with your dishwasher.

Choosing the Right Dishwashing Detergent

Learn which detergents we recommend to help your dishwasher wash its best.

How to Add Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Learn how to properly add rinse aid to your dishwasher to help the drying process. Rinse aid helps water droplets slide off the dishware effortlessly.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher Filter

Clean your filter every few months to remove debris and help ensure your dishwasher continues to wash effectively.

Cleaning Dishwasher Spray Arms

Limescale can block the nozzles on the spray arms and prevent your dishwasher from cleaning well. Learn how to properly clean the spray arms.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Clean and condition your stainless steel regularly for a beautiful shine.