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Model Number (E-Nr):  T24UR810DS/01

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Cleaning and Care

How do I clean my refrigerator/freezer?


Follow these step-by-step instructions: - Unplug the appliance or switch off the fuse. - Remove all food from refrigerator/freezer and store in a cool location. - Remove storage compartments, drawers or shelving. - Clean the appliance using a soft cloth, using lukewarm water and a small amount of pH-balanced dishwashing liquid. Wipe dry when done with a soft cloth. - Clean stainless steel areas by using a mild, soapy water or stainless steel cleaner with a soft cloth. Wipe in the direction of the stainless steel grain when washing and drying. Wipe dry to avoid water marks. Do not use cleaning agents that contain chlorine since it is corrosive to stainless steel. Warning: Some stainless steel cleaners are known to have negative effects on materials other than stainless steel. Make sure to apply stainless steel cleaners to stainless steel components only! Tested and approved Stainless steel conditioning cloths and cleaner can be ordered from us. The cloths are food-safe and can be used on surfaces which are in contact with food. - Wipe the door seal with water and a soft cloth. Then thoroughly dry with a soft cloth. - After cleaning, plug in your refrigerator/freezer or switch the fuse on to turn the appliance on.

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How do I clean my refrigerator’s water collecting tray (located under the water dispenser)?


Follow these step-by-step instructions: - Remove the grate. - Wipe out the water that has collected in the tray with a sponge or other absorbent cloth. - If desired, disinfect the tray with a pH-balanced dishwashing liquid and wipe dry when finished.

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What type of cleaning cloth should I use in combination?


In order to avoid health risks (bacteria) we recommend to clean your fridge at least every 14 days and always use a fresh cleaning cloth or paper. For streaking and scratch-free cleaning, we recommend to use the microfiber cloth.

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