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Superior Performance In A Ranges of Sizes

Both Thermador Pro Harmony® and Pro Grand® gas ranges come in a variety of sizes, burner and fuel configurations to meet the needs of any kitchen. No matter your cooking style or preferences, our iconic gas ranges are timeless appliances that are sure to inspire culinary adventures in any kitchen. Our ranges stand out from competing products, including gas stoves, by combining the outstanding cooking performance of our patented, Star® Burners with the convenience of the fastest self-cleaning, electric oven cycle on the market at just 2 hours (including cool down). We pride ourselves on producing quality gas ranges that look and perform their best, whether in a luxurious home or a busy commercial kitchen.

Gas Ranges

Make a bold statement in your kitchen with the ultimate in personalization and performance.

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Ventilation Pairing

Complete your kitchen with innovative ventilation options that blend in or stand out.

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Unmatched Personalization

With gas range options from 30 to 60 Inches, and 4 to 6 burners with griddle and grilling cooktop choices as well as both a 27 and 24 inch depth options, it’s not surprising we continue to tantalize the home chef as well as the trained eye of a design professional. Thermador has gas ranges in many sizes, and regardless of which you choose, you can expect your kitchen to transform into a room that is as beautiful as it is functional. All 36-inch Pro Grand and Pro Harmony ranges feature these common ingredients to create the ultimate cooking experience. Want a more low-profile look? Check out gas cooktops.

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Innovation. Performance. Design.

For centuries cooks have associated gas with power. Add gas to a stainless steel range and the word precision comes to mind. When you add Thermador to the equation, you have a gas range that surpasses all else. With a rich 100-year legacy of outstanding products and innovations in nearly every cooking category, Thermador has solidified itself as a truly outstanding American brand. Our gas-fueled ranges reflect both quality materials and intelligent engineering. Gas ranges are the staple of our brand and sought after for their superior power and even heat distribution from our signature patented Star® Burners.

Feature Highlights

Explore innovative features that make Thermador ranges extraordinary assets in the kitchen.