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WiFi-Enabled With Home Connect™

Your Guide to Complete Control

Whether you’re in the next room or on your next global adventure, Home Connect keeps you informed and in control. Preservation temperatures. Preheating and cooking times. Dishwashing that doesn’t forget. And a Coffee World that’s your personal barista. Get the tips that make these and more available through a simple tap or voice command.

Voice Command

Keep your hands free and your mind at ease with the smart speakers that listen to every command. Voice-command opens up a whole new way to get the most out of your smart appliances, just say the word.

phone displaying amazon alexa loading screen

Connect To Amazon Alexa

1. Open Amazon Alexa app.
2. Tap more.
3. Tap skills & games.
4. Tap Search.
5. Search for Home Connect.
6. Activate desired skill.
7. Log in & enjoy!

iphone home screen step 1 open the google home app

Connect To Google Assistant

1. Open the Google Home App.
2. Link your Gmail account and follow prompts.
3. Tap the + symbol in the upper left corner.
4. Select Set up Device.
5. Tap the link symbol below Works with Google.
6. Search for Home Connect & log in.
7. Tap Approve then select Home.
8. Select your device location, select your appliance, and begin!


Home Connect puts appliance control at your fingertips. Discover all the ways you can start, stop, monitor, and adjust with easy-to-follow how-to videos below.

phone displaying home connect app star sapphir dish video

How-To Start An Appliance

1. Open the app.
2. Select your appliance.
3. Scroll down & select Control.
4. Choose your options & select Start.

phone displaying home connect app appliances screen

How-To Access Time Monitoring

Stay in the know with every appliance. Simply select an appliance and the blue bar will show you just how much time is left.

Three phones displaying different home connect app screens

How-To Adjust Cooking Time

In the appliance Control setting, you can set the remaining cooking time. Simply tap time to adjust, scroll, tap Next, click Done and you’re all set.

Three phones displaying different home connect app screens

How-To Stop A Program And Set Oven To Warm

1. Select Heating Mode under the appliances control tab.
2. Heat up or select bake to further customize settings.
3. Select desired heating mode and press next to continue.
4. Customize time and temperature and to finish select done.

Three phones displaying different home connect app screens

How-To Use The Oven Control Setting

1. To begin tap THD Oven.
2. Next, select Control.
3. Select convection roast.
4. Then choose the corresponding setting to your recipe.
5. Find your temp, adjust cook time, customize, and select start time.

phone displaying home connect app coffee screen

How-To Access Coffee World

1. Select Coffee Machine image.
2. Tap Control.
3. Select Coffee World and enter.
4. Select beverage to begin exploring.
5. Search the virtual map by tapping into regions.
6. When you find a beverage you’d like to try, tap, customize, and enjoy.

Home Connect App Customer Service Screen

3 Ways To Care For Your Appliances

1. Reference your User Manuals.
2. Access Appliance info.
3. Connect with Customer Service through the app.

home connect settings screen

How-To Access Advanced Settings For Your Appliance

1. Select your appliance.
2. Scroll down and select Settings.
3. Access and customize all appliance settings to your liking.

Works With

Discover seamless connection throughout the entire home, hands-free control, and so much more. Stay connected in and out of the kitchen with the brands you know and love.

Amazon Alexa

Simply say “Alexa” to control your home with your voice. Paired with Amazon Alexa, your Thermador smart appliances are primed for hands-free control.

Go to Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant

With Home Connect now available on the Google Assistant, interacting with your appliances via voice is now easier than ever before. Just say, "Ok Google" to get started.

Go to Google Assistant


Fitbit puts you in control of everyday household tasks. Check the status of your appliances wherever you are, whether it’s during a marathon or evening swim.

Go to Fitbit


Create your own automated applications tailored to your needs: Set your favorite music to play when your dishes are done and more with IFTTT.



Control your connected appliances at the push of a button with Flic’s endless configuration possibilities.

Go To Flic

Kitchen Stories

Experience hundreds of unique recipes and engaging tutorials designed to elevate your culinary skills.

Go to Kitchen stories


Innit works seamlessly with Home Connect to cook food faster, provide helpful guidance throughout the cooking process, and ensure expert results every time.


EVE for Tesla

Monitor and control your Thermador smart appliances while on the go directly from your dashboard.