Past National & Regional Winners

2012 - 2013 National Winners

Past Winners Justin Woodward

Justin Woodward

National Grand Prize Winner, Contemporary/Modern

"Every floor is filled with the finest craftsmanship, materials, and appliances the world has to offer."

Past Winners Peter Cardamone Lynne Kaltman

Peter Cardamone & Lynne Kaltman

National Grand Prize Winner, Traditional/Transitional

"We were able to create a more open feeling by jogging the refrigerator back slightly, which also helped with the everyday function of opening the large 36-inch door."

Past Winners Terri Crittenden

Terri Crittenden

National Second Place Winner, Contemporary/Modern

"The homeowners' dream kitchen was realized, and their whole family loves the result: an open, yet intimate space for gathering with loved ones that puts food and cooking at the center of this beautiful remodoled home."

Past Winners Kathryn Salyer

Kathryn Salyer

National Second Place Winner, Traditional/Transitional

"In a completely open floor plan like this, the kitchen is the focal point from the minute you enter the front door, which makes smart function and ease of use mandatory."

2012 - 2013 Regional Winners

Past Winners Christy M. Bowen Roy Faust

Christy M. Bowen & Roy Faust

Central North/Central South

Past Winners Emily Rubin

Emily Rubin


Past Winners Jennifer Allison

Jennifer Allison


Past Winners Thomas Trzcinski

Thomas Trzcinski


Past Winners Robert Legere Steve Troy Krysti Pitterman

Robert Legere, Steve Troy, & Krysti Pitterman

New York/New England

Past Winners Christopher Harper

Christopher Harper


Past Winners Marty Stanley

Marty Stanley


Past Winners Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery


Past Winners Geri Higgins

Geri Higgins

Central North/Central South

Past Winners Marc Thee

Marc Thee

Best of Refrigeration, Southwest

Past Winners Linda McClain Lindsay Hulsey

Linda McClain & Lindsay Hulsey


Past Winners Michael Dugan

Michael Dugan

New York/New England