California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

California Transparency In Supply Chains Act

BSH takes very seriously its responsibility towards society and the environment, and behaves in accordance with the relevant legal, social and environmental framework conditions wherever it operates. Accordingly, BSH is committed to requiring its suppliers to maintain the highest fundamental labor and human rights standards as well. Requiring its suppliers to observe these environmental and social standards is not only a matter of corporate responsibility; it also serves to safeguard BSH’s global reputation. These principles are embedded in the “Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the BSH group,” which is based on the principles of the Code of Conduct of CECED as well as the UN Global Compact. The Code of Conduct also reflects BSH’s own “Business Conduct Guidelines,” which establishes fundamental principles of sustainability and apply to the entire company.

BSH operates not only in accordance with clear Codes of Conduct as well as Business Conduct Guidelines, which are mandatory worldwide, but also with directives to concentrate business with on the best suppliers who agree to and comply with our standards in the supply chain. BSH obligates its suppliers by contract to comply with our “Conditions of Purchase,” including the section entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility,” which states as follows:

The supplier undertakes to comply with the applicable laws of all relevant jurisdictions, not to tolerate any kind of corruption or bribery and to obey the fundamental rights of its employees and the prohibition of child labor. Furthermore, the supplier shall assume responsibility for its employee’s health and safety at work, care for fair wages and working hours, comply with the applicable environmental protection laws and use its best efforts to ask and encourage its suppliers to comply with these principals.

BSH also requires, through its Standard Supplier Agreement, that its vendors comply with the principals and requirements of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the BSH group, and reserves the right to request the supplier verify in writing its compliance, as well as reserving the right to verify through on-site audit of the suppliers’ premises. BSH also obligates its suppliers to impose the same principles and requirements on its own suppliers pursuant to its contracts.